Banking and insurance sector in our country is developing rapidly and the location of the main parts of the financial services business increased its share in the economy, competitive and growth potential of involving local and international actors is of a very high building. The continued growth and development of the banking and insurance sectors in the industry makes a major area of employment.

Banks are collecting deposits and lending institutions as a basis; to transfer, write letters of guarantee, foreign currency transactions and offers to institutions and individuals to make services such as portfolio management.

Insurance is a system that specified in the relevant laws and institutions of the individuals exposed to the same risks, created to meet the economic consequences caused by primary payment method that may arise in the future when it performs risk.

The purpose of the Banking and Insurance program is to prepare our students whose hold ethical values in the foreground, increase management quality, closely follow and interpret what happens in the financial markets and have the ability to analyze the problems and even cover the basic law structure of the insurance system to provide high quality service for insurance companies, capital market intermediaries, international audit companies, public financial institutions and other agencies and organizations.

Our program’s language is English and the goal of this program is to train the students with the skills that they needed through their business life. Theoretical knowledge is primarily given to the students and these theoretical issues are transferred into the practices within the classroom applications.

In the program; the first year credits mainly involve economics, business, accounting and law basis courses; and second year credits are more occupational courses; Turkish financial system and banking, insurance operations and portfolio management which are provided in the curriculum.

Employment Opportunities

Students who have graduated our program can work in areas such as banks, insurance companies, international audit companies, public financial institutions, leasing companies and finance department of the firms. On the other hand, students also stay in the education system and continue their education in the faculty programs by taking Vertical Transfer Exam.

Laboratory Facilities

In order to conduct the applications of banking and insurance operations like foreign exchange statistics and financial analysis; a computerized environment with a specific software program is using in some of our practical courses.

Academic Staff (Full Time)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamer KILIÇ (Program Chair)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuri UÇAR

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer YURTSEVEN

Instructor Ph.D. Naime USUL