Historically, foreign trade, has played a critical role in economic growth, development and improvement of the many countries in the world. Recently, there was observed a significant increase in Turkey’s economic growth, as a result of the expansion in the global economy, as well as national economic development and industrialization. Turkey’s international trade potential has steadily increased especially after 1980s. As a major element of the global market, Turkey aims to provide high quality products and services to the international markets, this requires Turkey to have well-trained professionals. In the environment where Turkey’s international trade volume gradually rises, the need for trained staff has significantly increased, and led to many new career opportunities in this area.

The main purpose of our foreign trade program is to provide students with the main framework of international trade, economics, finance, marketing, accounting, law and other dimensions of trade to ensure wide analytical framework. This education program provides required knowledge and skills for students to develop themselves in key areas of foreign trade.

The content of this program takes into consideration the importance of cultural interaction in the trade relations that would help students to adapt to a foreign culture medium. In this context, in addition to current business and communications courses, our program provides students with opportunity to learn more than one foreign language, along with forming wide framework of financial markets, laws, rules and regulations on the field of vocational training area.

Employment Opportunities

Our graduates who have adequate qualifications about foreign trade field; can work in the exporting / importing companies, especially the public institutions, trade and industry chambers, exchange and foreign trade departments of banking and similar financial institutions, institutions who provides customs service and also international transportation companies.

Laboratory Facilities

In some of our practical courses; import, export and customs documents are prepared in a computerized environment in a laboratory with a specific software program.

Academic Staff (Full Time)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nermin YAŞAR (Program Chair)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Bülent ÖZSAÇMACI (Director)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ekin Ayşe ÖZŞUCA ERENOĞLU