Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an internship program?
Internship is the applied learning period that the individual experiences in order to further develop their theoretical knowledge, including professional knowledge and skills.

Is it mandatory to participate inan internship program?
As a Çankaya Vocational School Directorate; In order to gain professional experience, to strengthen theoretical knowledge and to increase job opportunities after graduation, we require our students to participate an internship program in principle.

What steps should I follow?
1- Students should find an institution,
2- Receiving the letter of internship from the secretariat of the Vocational School,
3- At the end of the internship period; Internship documents to be used by the student and the employer on the secretary of our Directorate,
4- Submission of the completed forms to the internship supervisor,
5- The student is required to register for the “Summer Internship” course (BAI 200 or FTP 200) during the first or previous registration period before or after the internship.

How long should the internship period be?
The internship period is at least 4 weeks (20 working days) for all programs.