FTP-1 Be able to monitor and analyze the dynamics of international markets.
FTP-2 Be able to utilize the basic knowledge that obtained with an interdisciplinary approach to business, economics, etc. in creating expertise in the fields of foreign trade in accordance with the requirements of the globalized business environment.
FTP-3 Be able to identify and analyze the validity of theories related to the foreign trade and their relationships regarding current conditions.
FTP-4 Have a good knowledge of the regulations and legislation underpinning the international markets and institutions.
FTP-5 Have the ability to efficiently perform all responsibilities of foreign trade within a corporation.
FTP-6 Be able to use quantitative techniques and methods that are predominantly used in foreign trade.
FTP-7 Be able to use the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in his/her field in analyzing and evaluating data.
FTP-8 Be aware of elements of the international competitiveness of the foreign trade environment and marketing techniques.
FTP-9 Be able to understand and evaluate the problems in foreign trade and to discuss and express his/her opinions clearly.
FTP-10 Gain self-evaluation skills to identify exactly his/her self-learning and self-improvement needs, being at the same time equipped with the capacity to follow advanced courses and degree studies.
FTP-11 Be able to understand and evaluate the legal framework for foreign trade law, rules and regulations.
FTP-12 Have the ability to analyze and perform risk assessment of foreign trade companies and multinational companies.